Code Heroes is looking for talented, engaged and awesome developers to join our team and help create amazing products.




Technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is vital that we design and build our products in the most modern and relevant technologies available. Recently, we have been expanding our skill set to include blockchain, robotics, chatbots, and artificial intelligence.



As a team of avid learners, we are continually looking to better ourselves. We embrace dedicating time to improve by expanding our knowledge and furthering our skills.



To ensure we are proud of the work leaving our office, we strive for the highest levels of quality throughout Code Heroes. Whether it be the members of our team, the companies we choose to partner with, or the work we complete, we are always aiming for the best.

We are looking for excellent C# .NET coders. We only hire the best, so you'll be in good company should you be chosen. As a Code Hero, you will be responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining first-class, cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin.

Beyond that, it would be great (but not essential) if you had:

  • Working knowledge of reactive programming Commercial experience developing mobile applications
  • Published examples of apps in the App Store or Google Play
  • Examples of public works (open source projects/contributions, blog, StackOverflow profile, etc.)

We work with the following technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Windows 10
  • C# 7 to leverage modern language features
  • Follow the MVVM architectural pattern
  • Functional reactiveprogramming techniques
  • xUnit as our testing framework of choice

The perks of being a Code Hero

Long term projects

You can feel secure in your position as We only take on projects that span years rather than weeks or months. You will have the opportunity to work with clients such as QUT and Softbank to produce long term mobile solutions.

Constant learning

Learning and improvement are not only encouraged but reinforced at Code Heroes. You will have an allocated percentage of your time dedicated to personal improvement.

Flex time

You will be able to choose the hours that best suit you. Everyone works differently, and at Code Heroes we strive to create the best working environment to keep you engaged and happy.

Speak up

Each team member's input is valued and encouraged. You will have a say on everything from new hires, projects we take on, to the coffee we buy for the office.

Interested in becoming a Code Hero?

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