Business problem/opportunity

In the modern world, over 20 million Australians use their mobile regularly, relying on it to connect them to the world around them. In 2016 the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) partnered with students to design HiQ - the first point of contact (face-to-face, or via phone, email or chat) to get information about courses, university processes, technology support and library support. HiQ ensures students can easily access the services and support they need, when they need, and have a personalised experience along the way. A key part of HiQ was creating an app so students could manage their studies, find available parking, check the shuttle bus timetable, find their way around campus and much more whilst on the go.

What we did

We created an app based on user research and student personas. Students wanted an app with lots of functionality yet simple enough to use in their busy university day. They required a design that was aesthetically pleasing and intuitive: designs were inspired by applications students were familiar with, minimum amount of clicks to reach their goal destination, and intuitive wording to easily find what they are looking for.

QUT Screens



View upcoming classes or add their own events.

Calculate my Goal GPA

Calculate highest possible GPA based off past results.

Units and Grades

View unit enrolment information, exam timetables, grades, and course progression.


Access University emails instantly.


Receive QUT messages and updates.

Campus shuttle bus

Find out when the next inter-campus shuttle bus is due to arrive or plan a trip between campuses for another time.


Find out what events are happening on campus and register attendance with the tap of a button.


Browse or search for areas of interest, services and building locations across campus.


Xamarin logo

The app integrates with multiple QUT systems so that users can easily see consistent data no matter whether they are on the QUT site or the app. We used a mobile development framework called Xamarin that allowed us to build cross platform natively, saving QUT time and money since we only had to write 90% of the code once. The app was built for iOS and Android.


4.2 star rating on Google Play Store
4.2 star rating on Google Play Store

4.3 star rating on Apple App Store
4.3 star rating on Apple App Store

Over 50 thousand downloads
Over 50 thousand downloads

Over 10 thousand users each day
Over 10 thousand users each day

App store ratingApp store ratingApp store rating