The question is no longer whether you should have an app, it’s when, and what kind of app your business should have.

You may think that hiring an app developer is as easy as 1,2,3…just ask Uncle Google for a good developer and voila, Bob’s your uncle. For the lucky few, this might just work a treat and your brain baby is instantly turned into an app trending your market more ferociously than the #Selfie.

But…Just to be safe, we have prepared some questions that you might want to ask before you go forth and choose your app developer. It might also be sensible to note that contrary to popular belief, app development is not cheap, and it is in your company’s best interest to get your app developed ‘right’ the first time around.

Location, Location, Location

Where are the developers located? Is the work done in-house, outsourced or even offshore?

Ideally you want to be heavily involved in the creation of your app, this is made extremely hard if you cannot easily contact your developers, and is especially more difficult when they are located off-shore.So should you go directly to a mobile app development agency or a large multifaceted agency?

Unfortunately a common trick that bigger companies use in the app development world is to sign a contract with a client and then send the work off overseas, or they out-source to another company.

Just remember, creating a successful app requires a team of project managers, designers and developers who work together, with you. This is better accomplished when done in-house, allowing you to have a direct point of contact whilst your app idea comes to life.

Ask to see a portfolio of their work

Ask to see examples of the apps they have developed, whether they are web apps, native, or a combination could say a lot about the developers abilities.

Found a good-looking agency, but they don’t have a portfolio? High tail it out of there and do not look back…

Qualified candidates should be more than eager to provide you with a list of apps that they have created – you want to find developers who are passionate about their craft, and can bring their experience and vision to your app.

When looking through a portfolio check out the usability and functionality of the apps, note that it is often easier to design a fancy looking app vs. construct an extraordinary user experience.

Find out what their technical abilities are – minus the jargon.

Discuss what platforms they can develop on, and what technologies can be used for cross platforms.

Know what platforms are popular with your end user and make sure that your developers have experience across any platform that you want to develop on. You don’t want to be paying for their on-the-job training, so even if they state they have the skills… experience talks.

As well as this, make sure that your developers are up to date with current and emerging technologies, you want to stick with those who are invested in finding the most advanced technologies to build your app.

A few specific questions about the latest in mobile technology should provide insight into the company’s expertise.

Communication is key

It is in your best interest to find out exactly how you are going to be kept in the loop throughout the development process.

When you work with a mobile app development company, you are creating a partnership. Large app projects can take months and involve many decisions, so it goes without saying you need to partner with an agency that keeps you 100 percent in the loop

Ask your potential development partners what their preferred communication process is like, be sure to pick one that will provide you with the communication you need to create the right product for your customers. The right app developer should be able to give expert advice, and non-biased guidance from the word go. Remember that they are the ones with the expertise in the mobile field and should be able to answer any questions you throw their way…whilst keeping the technical jargon to the minimum.



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