What exactly is a mobile adver-game and how can it work for your brand?

While adver-gaming is not a new concept (it started way back on the floppy disk) the introduction of the smart phone has changed the playing field. Adver-gaming in a marketing context involves the creation of a game that uses clever ways to promote a brand without being an advertisement.

Society is driven by the need to be constantly entertained, even when on the toilet. See how mobile game marketing could be an integral aspect of your digital marketing mix to drive continuous engagement and brand loyalty.

Adver-games can be implemented as a clever way to drive sales, or to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Brands that impart adver-gaming into their mobile marketing mix have the potential to make sure that their brand stands out from the rest, driving sales.

Take the Hungry Jacks app for example … a simple form of adver-gaming that sends the user a push notification to “check in. shake. Win” when near a Hungry Jacks. A great way to drive sales through gamification.

This form of adver-gaming literally drives customers through the doors of Hungry Jacks vs. their main competitors sitting two shops down the street.

This is mobile adver-gaming in its simplest form, though It still encourages and harnesses the natural desires that people have to compete, achieve and win, all which lead to increased brand engagement.

Increase Brand Awareness

The game now becomes the advert, immersing the player in an interactive, personalized and extended interaction with a brand and its messages. These games are designed to engage players to such an extent that they form strong relationships with the brand and consume more of it.

By the clever use of adver-gaming consumers can have constant exposure to your brand, increasing brand retention, without making them feel like they are watching or reading an advertisement. It also allows the imparting of more complex messages without boring the audience, leading to brand awareness and loyalty.

Continued Engagement

One of the biggest problems in the business world is getting people engaged with a product or service in the first place. Evidence suggests that games are one of the most engaging mediums possible.

This excellent use of gamification allows brands to capitalize on societies shortened attention spans, encouraging the user to choose their level of engagement with the brand opposed to being force fed it.

Adver-games consume your customer’s undivided attention for short bursts of time, when they choose it. It promotes continued engagement and when allowing social sharing, lends itself to having an in built virality component.

The Hook

The best thing about gaming in advertising is ‘the hook’. You don’t have to enjoy casual gaming to be a complete sucker for the ‘just one more time’ effect. Games keep people coming back, consumers enjoy ‘the hook’ and seek to confirm and repeat their experiences.

When designing a good adver-game, if you create an engaging enough reward and achievement system, customers will naturally behave in the nature that you encourage.

The Nitty Gritty

This post can be wrapped up with one tiny fact…. We are living in a world where three quarters of us take our mobile phone to the bathroom.

Where some of us may see this as unsanitary. I urge Marketers, Advertisers and the like to see this revelation as an opportunity to engage your customers in new and inventive ways.

“The next generation of marketing innovation belongs, not to those who bring their advertising to the game, but to those who know how to bring the game to their advertising.” - Steve Hicks



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