A big change is coming to the wallets of Queenslanders everywhere with the state’s “Digital Licence App” program kicking off in 2020 - and Code Heroes is right at the heart of it.

Working with a consortium of companies including the Thales Group, a global leader for data transport and security, Code Heroes will deliver an app that will enable Queenslanders to securely provide government issued photo identification through their digital devices.

In 2020 a planned public trial for the app within the states Fraser Coast region will go live enabling its residents to experience the new technology first hand. This early release will focus on those in the community with photo identification cards, learner licences or marine licences.

“I’m overjoyed to bring the expertise of Code Heroes to this project,” Brendt Sheen, CEO of Code Heroes, says. “As a Queensland-based company, we welcome the opportunity to use our skills, knowledge, and experience in mobile app development to help bring Queensland’s driver licence into the digital age.”

Code Heroes are extremely proud that their strengths within application development, particularly their focus on delivering exceptional end user experiences, were recognised and earned them the role.

“The culture of Code Heroes gives birth to software that is beyond intuitive,” Sheen says. “It should be a joy to use. We are proud to bring this ethos to the Queensland Digital Licence for the benefit of all its people.”

Bringing a Queensland-based company on to develop the product has ensured that the Digital Licence App is being built for Queenslanders, by Queenslanders. Prior to the Digital Licence App, Code Heroes has a long history of working with the state, providing mobile app development and user experience skills for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Queensland Museum.

“Our ethos is if the users, Queenslanders - don’t love it, then the Queensland Government won’t love it,” Sheen says. “We feel an incredible responsibility to get this amazingly helpful product right for our hometown community, and to be known as the Queensland “digital licence” app company - and we plan to deliver.”

The push for a Digital Licence App gained popularity after a massively successful rollout in New South Wales in late 2019, with over one million downloads of the application over the first four weeks. The digital licence program is forecasted to be just as popular when it comes to Queensland - with the skills and expertise of Code Heroes right at its forefront.

Interested in learning more about how Code Heroes is helping to bring the Digital Licence to Queensland? Keep watching this space for more articles on the subject in the coming weeks and months!